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You can download the application form
(microsoft word document)




Call for Labor Videos & Films
FilmWorks United
(International Working Class Film & Video Festival)
The next deadline to submit all videos for next LaborFest is May 1, 2018
(Click here to ownload the Application form (Microsoft word document) on your computer and fill it out and send it with your films.

2018 Filmworks United is calling for submittals to our 25th annual international working class film and video festival which is part of LaborFest
We invite submissions of films that both documentary and drama that tell the stories of working people organized and unorganized, their lives and their struggles to survive and defend their social and economic conditions. We also are looking forstories and documentaries that show how technology and the internet are affecting
working people.
We are interested in stories about the affect of privatization, the banks, health and safety, healthcareand defending labor conditions and wages.
We are also looking for videos on the work process, historical struggles of labor and the interconnectionbetween the history of working people and their issues today.

If submitted from outside the US, we prefer work that either contain captions or an English voice over, however, we will accept all submissions. if work is submitted in languages other than English, a printed narration is requested.

It will be accepted in PAL or NTSC.

Producers of the videos screened will also invited to present their videos at the festival screenings.

Please mail the following:
1) Application form
2) Video/Films
3) Any publicity materials if you have (poster/pictures/reviews etc.)
4) If you want your video to be returned, please include self addressed envelope with postage)

Mail these to:
LaborFest/FilmWorks United
PO Box 720027
San Francisco, CA 94172

For more information:
Call (415) 642-8066, E-mail:, or


In case you have problem downloading the application, the following is the info we need to process.


LaborFest 2018

International Working Class Film & Video Festival (July 1 – July 31)

Application Form

(Deadline May 1, 2018)

FILM TITLE: __________________________________

Total running time (TRT): _____________

Category: ( ) Documentary  ( ) Drama  ( ) Animation  ( ) Other

Format: ( ) DVD  ( ) other ______________

Date of production: _____________

(Please include any publicity/poster/pictures/reviews with your tape)







            WEB (if any):

Distributor (if any):

Is this tape available for sale?

            ( ) DVD    ( ) Other ______________________

How much?:

Summary of this work:

Bio of Producer/Editor: (If necessary, you can use separate page)

Please mail this form and your film/video to:

LaborFest/International Working Class Film and Video Festival

POB 720027, San Francisco, CA 94172 

(Tape will not be returned unless you include self addressed and stamped envelope.)

For more info: E-mail:, or

Phone: (415) 642-8066, Web: